22220 Wisdom for the Trenches



1. How to Recognize a Fool

2. Adultery: One ”A” You Don’t Want to Earn

3. Anger: The Nuclear Emotion… with Huge Fallout

4. Lying: The Self-Made Trap

5. Gossip: The Hidden Dagger

6. Reproof: A Building Block for Character

7. Insults and Curses: Unsolicited Instruction

8. Listening: God’s Channel for Personal Growth

9. Scoffers and Mockers, Beware!

10. The Fast Lane to Ugliness

11. How to Change People’s Minds

12. Using God-given Authority

13. The Rise and Fall of the Proud

14. A Cure for Spiritual Heart Disease

15. One Dangerous Babe (or Dude) to Avoid

16. Impulse Control and the Key to Character

17. Danger: Eyes That Do Not See

18. For Adult[erer]s Only

19. Rebuke: 10, Flattery 0

20. You Can Tell a Person by His Cover

21. Your Money and Your Slave Master

22. Somebody, Anybody, Applaud Me!

23. Laughter Is Not the Best Medicine

24. Other Names for Treachery

25. Nuclear Sticks and Stones

26. Plan the Work and Work the Plan

27. For You, I Have a Special Deal!

28. Plans from the Ultimate Planner

29. Friends in Low Places

30. The “Dumb Dog” Syndrome

31. A Place Called Hope

32. The Awful Consequences of Unteachability

33. The High Cost of Gloating

34. The Futility of Hiding

35. The Fool and His Money

36. Long Live the Righteous!

37. The High Cost of Relying on the Unreliable

38. Strange Jewelry

39. The Tenderizing Effect of Godliness

40. The Cunning Human Mind

41. The “Slut” Factor

42. The Folly of” Heart-Following”

43. God Knows What Happens in Vegas

44. Milestones on the Road to the Poorhouse

45. Curing the Poverty Curse

46. God’s “Silent Treatment”

47. Watch Out! Your Body Is Talking

48. God’s “Get Rich Slowly” Scheme

49. The Wrong Cheering Section

50. The Check’s Not in the Mail

51. Seismic Moral Situations

52. Seven Things on God’s “Hate List”

53. “Home Sweet Home” … or Not

54. “Stop Yelling at Me!”

55. Will Lady Luck Help Out?

56. Humble Pie … with a Really Tough Crust

57. Shut up!

58. The Divine Right of the King

59. The “Hundred-Lash” Rule

60. Building a Legacy

61. Wisdom for the Trenches Principles