98140 Pray for One Another in the JO App Community

Prayer is the most powerful tool God has given to His people, but we need to train ourselves to wield it well and effectively.

When you use “Prayer Requests” (found on the main menu), you can share your prayer requests with the JO App community. You can also pray for others in the community who have submitted their requests.


Are you an intercessor? Do you regularly pray for others on their behalf? Has God called you to be an intercessor?

If so, we ask you to pray for all the requests that are submitted to this app. These prayer requests come from all over the world.

When you have prayed for a request, make sure to select “I PRAYED FOR YOU” to let them know. Although the app will not show your identity, they will be greatly encouraged to know that someone is praying for them!

What an amazing way to encourage and strengthen the global body of Christ.