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I am a lawyer by profession, a courtroom lawyer who believes staunchly in evidence, be it real (physical), circumstantial or logical. This amazing write up backed up with facts stemming out of irrefutable logical and circumstantial analysis convinces me that in fact the resurrection is a true historical event. It further reinforces my faith in the resurrection of Jesus. Now I no longer have my faith alone, I have it backed up with sound logic. Thanks for this wonderful write up.

—Samuel, Nigeria

Hi! My name is Angelique and I’m a 21-year-old college student from the Bronx in New York. I come from a Catholic background, went to Catholic schools my entire life, and grew up going to Mass every Sunday. I thought I knew virtually all there was to know about Jesus. I suppose I’ve always believed that there is a “higher being” and Jesus is the savior and He died and rose from the dead, etc. But it wasn’t until I read the articles on this website that I really understood the meaning of Christianity. It was as if I’ve had all the pieces of the puzzle with me all along, but I finally put them all together and see the bigger picture. I’d like to thank all of you responsible for publishing this website and allowing me to really get in touch with the Lord God. I suppose it was in the simplicity and the conviction of the language of the articles that finally made me realize that Jesus died for my sins. Please keep preaching the Word to all. God Bless!

—Angelique, New York

I was always plagued with doubts about the existence of God and Jesus. I’ve searched all my life for evidence as to whether the world was created by God or just happened. This great article has touched me deeply, given me much to think about, to catapult me in the direction of “God is there.”

—Irene, Germany

I am a born muslim already have recived christ as my lord and savior many months ago. This artical has helped me in understanding the ways of christ much better. the use of examples and words that we understand much better has really helped me. Thank you.

—Arief, Pakistan

I’m 40 years old and have wandered aimlessly all my life feeling an immense vacuum and wondering why am I here. I’ve stubbornly resisted God in my life, and am not religious. But your article about Jesus has changed my thinking about him, and I now believe. Thank you.

—Carlos, Argentina

Although I was raised Catholic, I’ve never believed in a personal God, and have followed the teachings of Tolle, Eckart and Osho. Until tonight I thought Jesus Christ was a spiritually “realized” being like Buddha. But reading your website about the “resurrection” of Christ convinced me that it really happened, and what the Bible says about him is true.

—Cosimo, France

I believe it was God who guided me to get here. I confess that I have always looked for something to fill the void in my life but I’ve never felt satisfied. So what I have to say is that your website has helped me a lot and now I have learned how to turn to God. Thank you very much.

—Lucia, Brazil

I’ve been an atheist for a long time. But last month I began fearing about death and asked god to show me if he was real. I prayed and asked him for a sign to help me know the truth. Then I was navegating on Pinterest and your ad came about the resurrection. Although I wasn’t searching for anything about life after death, I realized this was God’s answer, and I read the article showing that Jesus really rose. I’m glad that God answered me. Thank you for your website.

—Roberto, Guatemala

i am a hindu..who was told the truth of christ very recently… I have seen and heard enough to believe in jesus, but my nagging mind plagued me with doubts, and i ended up on this wonderful site. Such direct, amazing facts.. Verifiable, source cited. You people dont know how much it helps me to read these articles.. How much it calms me. Keep up the good job. hope this site helps many lost sheep reach the truth. God bless-

—Kalyani, India

Some might call it providence, i’d like to think of it as God’s divine intervention. I was going through a very bad phase in life. I had just come to know that my wife was seeing someone else and my health was also not too good. I accidentally stumbled up on y-jesus. Previously nothing would have gotten me to read about any articles on christ, whether from believers or skeptics. But y-jesus site caught my attention and I started reading it. Initially i read it for the arguments. ANd then slowly got involved. y-jesus has given me is a renewed hope and belief in christ our lord. Thanks.

—Danni, Philippines

At this moment I can’t explain why I took the time to read these articles. I’m not one to give in to curiosity but for some unknown reason I end up doing so. I’m full of uncertainty when it comes to believing in Jesus. I like millions of others only talk to God in times of need asking Him for His help when some drastic event takes place in my life. I’ve always been afraid to let God into my life because I’m afraid I can’t live up to His expectations of me. I’m not a church person but I do on occasion talk to God the same way I talk to other people. When I do so I feel much closer to Him. These articles have given me hope that maybe God still believes in me and understands why I think and act the way I do when it comes to religion.

—Joe, Prince Edward Island, Canada

This article came at a pivotal point in my life. My faith has been rattled significantly lately, and this article helped reorient my heart. Thank you for amassing so much wonderful information to help people see what real truth is in a world full of lies.

—Austin, U. S.

I have always had questions about Christanity. In my sceptical mind I could think of a million reasons to not believe. One being, people lie and the bible was written by people. When I read the historical facts about Jesus it made sense, logically. That is extremely important to me. I cannot follow a religion that is based on blind faith and all of the other reading I have done asked for just that. The reading I have done today has made this clear in my head and my heart. Prior to this all I had was the “heart”. I needed to make sense of this in my “head”. Now I can go forward with confidence and alot less questions. Thank you.

—Corie, Saskatchewan, Canada

It’s been a long time since I’ve attended church and read meaningful literature about Jesus.  Thank you for the clear explanations of who Jesus is – it prompted me to once again ask Jesus into my life. My unrelated surfing the internet somehow led me to this site – I’ve been reading for hours.

—Irena, Australia

This is one of the best sites i have ever visited, this site clearly explains the story of Jesus in a manner i have never experienced! To think that i came across this site looking for conspiracies! All i can say now is that WoW! I believe! Jesus is real! and from today on He will be real in my life.

—Teddy, South Africa

Reading this is life changing for me.  I was raised as a christian and accepted Christ as my saviour years ago but I never really understood.  The story of the judge finally turned on my internal light bulb.  I have not prayed to God as often or the way I should because I just didn’t feel like I was good enough. Thank you.

—David, UK

I’ve been a Christian since I was a young boy. But I was living with hypocrisy, and failed to obey God’s word!! But today, thanks to what I just read, the Lord Jesus LIGHTED ME !! I left the room where I lived to LIVE NOW in the Light of God !! “From the darkness to the DIVINE LIGHT”. Today, with this BRIGHT Message from you, I have been transformed !!!!!!!!!

—Francisco, Brazil

Thanks for all these articles. Although born into a Catholic family, I have long rejected the divinity of Jesus Christ by just recognizing that He was a good teacher of moral values and ethics. This was after being influenced at the University by some writings such as the book by Dan Brown entitled The Da Vinci Code which stipulated that the divinity of Jesus Christ was the work of Constantine. But after reading all the evidence you have provided in these articles, I am convinced that Jesus Christ is indeed the Messiah, and I have decided to open my heart and let Him guide me through my life. I have long sought scientific evidence to strengthen my faith in Jesus, and these articles bring up what I have been looking for ever since.  Thank you.

—Lionel, Cameroon

About 2 1/2 years ago, something happened to me. I was walking the aisles of a local supermarket, when I noticed a book about God. The title…”God is Not Great” by Christopher Hitchens. I went home, and within a couple of hours, I was devouring its pages. At about the same time, mostly through television documentaries, I began to explore other religions, their Gods. This search suddenly took over my life. I claimed to be a Christian and was married to a wonderful Christian woman (who passed away 5 1/2 years ago).  I became very cynical, laughed at many beliefs I had respected most of my life…God had become a farce, a joke. I started thinking of bringing my life to an end.   The loneliness was too much. Christmas morning came, and it was a gorgeous day.  The sun was shining, the sky was deep blue.  I decided to sit in the sun, facing the ocean.  I started my iPad, and immediately punched in the words “Jesus & other gods” in the search engine. One of the links I hit was [the Y-Jesus article] called:  “Did Jesus claim to be God?”  I looked at it, briefly, and went on to other sites…BUT something strange happened…I went back to it….Something or someone was taking control of my will, and almost forcibly moved my finger on the screen and punched “Did Jesus claim to be God?”  I resisted 3 or 4 times, was baffled, and finally decided to read the whole of page 1, then turned to page 2…And this is what happened…Suddenly, when I was almost at the bottom of the page, the list of “I AM” sayings by Jesus took an amazing brightness, almost blinding me.  I could not believe what was happening to me…I started reading aloud…

“I am the light of the world”
“I am the way, the truth and the life”
“I am the only way to the Father”
“I am the resurrection and the life”
“I am the Good Shepherd”
“I am the door”
“I am the living bread”
“I am the true vine”
“I am the Alpha and Omega”

…then shouting them, louder and louder, and I became totally engrossed in the experience, the ultimate experience of feeling that Jesus was speaking to me directly, reminding me in an almighty instant that HE was God, He was the Messiah, He loves me, He cares for me, and He is indeed in control of all. I started crying, tears of joy and tears of shame, for I had doubted Him…. And then, those tears were replaced by cascades of WOWS, laughter, praise to you, Jesus…I was indeed born again. What has followed is a dramatic change in my life, from being depressed, running on half of my “cylinders” to being willing and excited to talk to strangers, including at my office, about what has happened to me. I’ve since reconnected at church. May God bless you and your team.

— John, Nova Scotia

I actually stumbled across this wonderful website. I am experiencing some major changes in my life. I was raised a strict catholic. This website has opened my heart and soul ten-fold. The manner in which you examine the idea that Christ lived, died and rose again, is incredible. This has indicated the Bible is certainly a viable message. The inclusion of human behavioral statistics pertaining to the events after Christ rose from the dead, reassured my conscious beliefs. Today I feel blessed with all that is around me, and you Folks have some responsibilities for this. Thank You.

—Paul Lewis, US

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making these articles available in the PDF format. I have been struggling with exactly these questions on your website for the last four years and have not come any closer to an answer. I grew up in a Christian household but since I moved to another country, I’ve come across a whole new way of thinking and it has raised questions of whether or not Jesus was truly God and whether I have put my faith in a myth.  Again, thank you for the downloadable version, it makes it possible for people in my position to access the information and hear the Word of God. Love in Christ.

—Lere Saunderson, South African living in Spain

This article has touched me deeply. These last couple of years I have been going through a difficult phase: after living my life as a devout Catholic, I started questioning the very existence of God and having serious doubts. For no reason at all the strong faith that guided me all through my life, somehow got weaker and weaker and the doubts got stronger and stronger. This situation caused me deep sorrow but I didn’t know how to overcome the turmoil I was creating for myself. By chance I came across your article and I kept reading it for several days – it seems to answer all my questions and it is helping to dissipate the confusion. I am sure God put you on my path! Thank you with all my heart!

—Ornella, Brazil

Just amazing and strenghthening my Christian faith. I am convinced that the Holy Spirit has revealed many of the points that you have provided. I will use many of the wonderful and valuable points that I have learnt here in my teaching. Praise God for words like this. Unless Jesus had died where would I be? Unless He had risen how could I be sure of my life in Heaven? Praise be to the Risen Lord. Thank you very much. 

—Ramesh, Brunei Darussalam

Your articles have made me realize things I did not fully understand. Things that were not explained by persons teaching the Bible or simply I did not comprehend. Now, everything seems to be crystal clear. I know it will help change my life by trusting the promises of Jesus Christ. Thank you and may God bless you.

—Arsenio, Philippines

Thanks for opening my eyes my heart and mend to the man called Jesus, in a way that answers lots of my unanswered questions and I am sure lots of other folks who are in need of answers too.

—Douglas, Philippines

Of all the years of reading the gospels and attending the Catholic church, your article on the life, death, and resurrection was more informative to me than 10 years participation in Sunday Mass, I for the first time in my 50 years have a clearer understanding of the gospels. Thank you for providing such excellent guidance and understanding of Jesus, and making it accessible.

—Anne, U. S.

I believe that being able to visit and read through all the passages in this website is not merely an “accident” but rather a wonderful act of God to touch the hearts of His children regardless of race or nationality.  It is God’s intention for me and for those who would come across this website to know the most important matter in this world. However, He has given us free will to ignore Him, to reject Him or to accept Him. At this moment, I believe that I was able to pick the right choice… all through God’s grace! Praise be the name of Jesus now and forever! Amen.

—Manama, Bahrain

You really shook me up, and I am glad. Thank you for strengthening my faith and belief in Jesus Christ. You helped me realise the importance of Jesus in my life. Your analogy of the courtroom screen is what I found most striking. I realised I could not escape the effect of my sins and I really needed someone to pay that debt. That God the father had to play his role as a just judge is something that I found convincing enough. But knowing that some as blameless and as spotless as Jesus Christ pays the price for my sins made tears well up in my eyes. Even as I type out these words, I am still feeling the same way like I did when I first read that statement. I really don’t know what to say even at this stage. But, I know that I needed to be saved. The full impact of Jesus’ actions hasn’t yet sunk in, but I will try to recover from feeling this way and live a more worthy life from now on. Thank you once again.

—Roland, UK

I think y’all just saved my soul. For real. I’ve been skeptical about Jesus ever since I’ve been old enough to really think about the absurdity of it. I’ve seen both sides of the argument; videos, web sites, but a lot of these sites you can’t trust. I saw one video on atheism that was pretty convincing. Anyway I wanted to thank you for a job well done with your sourcing and whatnot. I’m glad to find a source I can trust to push me in the right direction for my eternal soul. Which is pretty much intact thanks to you.

—Brian, Canada

I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful work.  I was NEVER able to understand all the “buzz” surrounding Jesus Christ, despite regularly reading the Bible & attending church. Your excellent articles have changed that forever, concisely, overwhelmingly, unquestionably.  I’m a 46yo computer engineer, and have never been satisfied by the teachings of my churches or church leaders – even in Bible study groups.  Engineers by nature require evidence backed by unwavering facts – that’s just how we’re built.  And so without a concise, logical, fully substantiated explanation about Jesus, His life, death, origins & purposes, I could never accept all that “buzz” about how great He was or how important it was to follow His teachings. But without evidence to quench my skeptical, logical mind, “blind faith” looked like nothing more than folly to me. I have studied your articles with such intensity & hunger over the past weeks.  Now and at last, the engineer in me is satisfied.  I can freely believe & follow Jesus for what He really was, and is. Thank you doesn’t say enough, but I sincerely do thank you.  And may God bless you in your works, so that they may reach many more lost souls such as mine. Kindest regards.

—Bill Bailey, US

Your website is fantastic.  It answered a lot of the questions I have had in my mind for the longest time, questions that had prevented me from accepting Christ. Thanks to your articles and follow up emails, I’m happy to inform you that I have now accepted Christ and am attending church every week now and have begun to read the bible. Thank you so much. God Bless.

—Jessica, Nigeria

I have been a (somewhat shaky) christian for the past few years. I have had difficulty trying to understand him (Jesus). This article has convinced me that Jesus is more than I have ever thought him to be. I now know that Jesus is the only answer and I am not shaky anymore. Thank you and keep working.

—Marcus, Philippines

I’ve been struggling with my own life and faith in Jesus. Sitting here on Easter Day, I’ve found new direction and have re-invited Jesus to guide my life. Your logical approach to Christ’s path is something I particularly appreciate, because of my overly logical thinking. I grew up Catholic, but just recently took time to read the entire Bible. Although I prayed that Jesus would guide my life, I again found myself off the path I prayed for.

—Jim, Ireland

I have been a follower/believer in Christ for 27 years, have read much on the character of Jesus and the case for him.  Yet what you and your team have published here on your website for the world to see has brought me to tears, you have so beautifully presented the facts for Christ, thank you, thank you all. Through it I have again committed my life to him, and felt such a great excitement in my purpose (through Christ).  All this after curiously following a link at the bottom of www.smh.com.au. Thank you for doing this, it has inspired me to walk out of the shadows and run towards my God. God bless you all for what you have done, and I pray that the Holy Spirit would encourage all who visit your website to continue reading to the end, and encourage them to commit/recommit their lives to Jesus Christ.

—Scott, Australia

Hi, I’m writing from India. As you probably know it is the motherland of hinduism, a huge muslim population and a christian minority. I often get into a situation where I have to defend my faith as most people tell me I follow a myth that lacks any credible historical proof. Your website has finally given me ammunition. But what is more important is that your website has given me information I have searched for to clear this nagging feeling that says “Maybe the whole thing isn’t true after all…maybe someone just made chrisianity up”. Thanks for making me a stronger beleiver.

—Sebastian Devassy, India

This entire website has given me the courage I need to explain to others the truth about the gospel. I have encountered numerous occasions where I felt like I failed the person whom I was trying to offer truth to. This assists me to spread the good news of Christ and His mission to reach people of the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and from the depths of my soul.

—Rachel, Argentina

The article was wonderful and informative. I was somewhat back-slidden, & it clarified and expounded on many questions I’ve had over the years.  It sort of feels like being born again – again.  It has began to help open my mind, heart, and soul to the possibilities that a fully embraced life in Christ offers.

—Bill, US

This was hugely useful to me. I was really wavering, I questioned so much about my faith and was reading Dawkins, Darwin and moving away from Jesus. This AM I was reading a newspaper on line and saw a link to your site and clicked on to it. It was truly divine intervention. The questions I had were answered quietly, with fact and with historical substance and backing. I feel more whole again, the void can be filled. Thank you so very much for enlightening me. 

—Tony, England

This website provided me with the answers I’ve been looking for the last 10 years of my life. I dated a Muslim woman and considered converting to Islam. I became a Christian at the age of 15 years old and had a yo,yo chirstian life as a result of unresolved issues. Two divorces to Christian women and a huge sense of failure in my life has made me emotionally and spiritually empty. After reading all of the sections of this site, I’m encouraged to re-dedicate my life to Christ and proclaim the truth of the Gospel message. My thoughts are clear again and I have to say that the people that researched this information and put it together are truly blessed by God and couldn’t have put the information together better. Thank you for the truth and I hope God blesses your ministry.

—Ron, Canada

In the last few months I’ve been challenged to examine my life. I’m born into a christian family that taught me to accept christ as my saviour, which I long ago did, albeit in a cavalier manner, and without really understanding. Today however, I have read this article and it has strengthened my faith, and assisted me to reestablish a relationship with god through christ. More than everything else it has provided me with a chance to be more sincere with god and serious about my christianity I accept christ as my saviour and I do want purposeful living and an eternal life. God bless you for this writing.

—Nhlanhla, South Africa

Thank you so very much. I was struggling with my Faith to the point that I had given up hope. There were too many questions that I could not get the answers to. After reading this article some of those fundamental questions were answered. My Faith has been restored and yes I still have a long way to go but at least I am back on track and am going to give it my All. I will continue using this web site to hopefully get all my questions answered. Thank you and keep up the excellent work and service you are doing.

—Andrew, South Africa

Phenomenal articles….have answered all the questions I’ve ever had and speaks to all the doubts that have plagued me as a Christian! I especially appreciate the style…like Jesus, speaking in parables and giving a lot of food for thought. My heart burned for the entire duration of the time reading it which was many hours as I kept stopping to email friends and family the ‘Y-Jesus’ site! My two sisters have converted to Islam and therefore have said no to Jesus’ pardon…so I’m going to get a copy to them. May God abundantly Bless those responsible for this site.  May every eye that read this article be enlightened as I have been and may millions of souls be won for Christ!

—Beverly, South Africa

Thank u for all what u wrote about God and Jesus Christ. it did helped me a lot because i wanted to become a muslim, but i can not leave Jesus .. better i will die a Christian with Jesus Christ in my heart!!

—Angelica, Spain

I can’t even tell how encouraging it is to see your website. I am a college student, and have to do a report on Uganda.  One of the articles, in the newspaper the Daily Monitor, brought up the legitamacy of Jesus and the Bible.  They actually mentioned your website. It is truly awesome how God has used you to extend his kingdom.  Who knows who, from all over the world, have looked at your website and found Jesus?  Keep up the good work.  I praise God for you.

—Jessica, Uganda

I spent the day reading your explanation about Jesus and whether He really was God, which I have doubted for so long.  I’ve always wondered if all the teachings that I received were true. Thank you. After much searching and thinking God didn’t care about me because He never answered my prayers and never brought anything or anyone in my life that could explain what I really was questioning, you have answered all my questions. Thank you again.

—Terri, Australia

I was raised catholic, but soon I doubted our religion. I began seeking refuge in other religions but sad to say, none of them answered and satisfied my quest for the truth. This article helps me a lot. It strengthens my shaken faith in God. This just proved that no religion can save you. Only the mercy of God will. Of all the great men of history, only christ preached with consistency, lived and died for it. Islam for example in the case of Mohammad, was never consistent. They claim to be a religion of love and peace but they’re doing exactly the opposite.

—Sheama, Saudi Arabia

My mind is blown. I am involved in a ministry where I daily encounter people who are lost, seeking, and questioning. I have been looking, and praying, for a source of readily available information which will enable me to bring Christ to these people with more reality. Today I was confronted with a young man who truly believes that “All paths lead to God” – very ‘New Age’! Then I stumble across this and all my prayers, and his questions, are answered. I thank you for taking the trouble to research this and put this site together. God bless you. This young man’s name is Ben, please pray that what you have given me enables him to receive Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.

—Jennifer, UK

Thank you for your magnificent website about Jesus and Christianity. I have been a skeptic as well as a person who has been searching for answers and logic from the bible. I have also been trying to put this in connection with science and have it all to make sense. You made it all clear to me. I have always had some reason to not give myself totally to Jesus. Mainly because I knew too little and maybe because the bible can seem so complex. But you really made me see through it all with logic and reason. Thank you and I will use your source as a support in building my relationship with God.

—Trond, Norway

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. I can’t thank you enough for pointing me in the right direction. I have to be honest, but I got suckered into the whole ‘god is dead’ thing, promoted by Friedrich Nietzsche. Once I had recovered from that, I was smacked down with ‘the god delusion’ by Richard Dawkins. Oh my, was my faith rocked. But seeing your advertisement on news.com has restored my faith and my belief in the real jesus. Once again, thank-you, thank-you!

—Daniel, Australia



I have been a backslider because I allowed too many doubts about Jesus’ divinity to confuse me.  You have brought me to my senses.  I acknowledge my backslidden nature as sinful and have repented of my sin.  I have renewed my relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ and have invited him to take control of my life from this moment.  I am happy that I did not die in this state of rebellion.  May God bless you for allowing Him to use you for His glory and my salvation.

—Kwesi, Cameroon

Hi, my name is Cristian Samuel and I’m 23 years old. I lead the youth group in my church. However, in the last several weeks I’ve been struggling with the question, “what if I’m wrong? what if all I believe in is a lie?” Every day I woke up with the same questions, making my head ache … and no answers for myself. I don’t know who you are, but God has just used your text to show himself to me again… God bless you.

—Cristian, Cote d’voire

Ooh my God! I Can’t believe it! I was glued on my mobile phone screen for over 3hrs reading this wonderful article. Am reached with knowledge about Christ and now hope to email it to as many people as possible. I live with muslims who dispute the fact that Jesus was crucified and died later resurrecting. Thank you.

—Joel, KENYA

Thank You! This website has helped eliminate any doubts that I may have had or at least thought that I had in regards to Jesus, including his life and his purpose. More importantly, your site has helped me to understand why I felt for years that I have been roaming in a wilderness with little purpose or direction…lost and alone despite being surrounded by people that I know.  I had been one of those who chose to ignore Jesus.  Although I have, for the most part, always believed in God/Jesus, I never really understood until now how we fit into the big scheme of things and why we really matter to God.  Now it all suddenly makes sense to me.  The vacuum in my heart is no longer empty! Thank you for the site.  I almost didn’t click your ad, but for some reason I decided to.  I am so very glad that I did.

—Michael, Mexico

I have wanted something like this. I’m tired of being told to believe in Jesus because I must accept the Bible as true. Many believe the Book of Mormon is true and the word of God or the writing of Mary Baker Eddy is true and they can prove it from the writing which must first be accepted as true. This is circular reasoning. Your article is logical and helpful. It is excellent and has brought me into a willingness to search for Jesus.

—Robert, Belize

Hi, though I am an atheist, however, your text is great to read and I like it very much. You state fact by fact and that’s the style which I like. I’ve never been thinking about Jesus in such a way. Therefore I would like to thank you for this insight. Now I may need to reconsider my thinking (even believing) about Jesus. Regards.

—Zdenek, Czechia

I have no words strong enough to tell you the love for the Lord that I am experiencing at this moment. You see I started to seriously question everything about Jesus life from His Birth to His Crucifixion for my sins trough His death and His resurection…Last night I felt compelled to start searching for different awnsers on the net first in the Torah (I am from a jewish family yet have never been to a synagogue). I was up very late looking for answers. I needed to know intellectually the truth about Jesus so I kept searching. I sincerely beleive this site was made for me and that Jesus Himself sent me to you. How can I ever thank you exept that now I want to tell the whole world about my spiritual experiences…the doubt that I felt and the answers that the Lord gave me through your site…and I do know that the Lord loves you so much for what you are doing to help bring His people back to HimI I’m now at peace and so is my heart. Thank you.

—Chantal, Canada

I was born Christian, and believed in Jesus with all my heart. I accepted Him as personal Saviour. But recently, I have fallen off track; I hated Him, withdrew myself from Him, and stopped praying. All these happened after I went thru so many difficult moments and trials in my life that I couldn’t handle. But now, after reading this article, I understood meaning of life, meaning of God’s love and intention. Now I re-open my heart to Him. I made a big mistake by rejecting Him recently. I hope he will forgive me. Please pray for me and my family. Thank you.

—David, Malaysia

I have had no formal religious training and as my life unfolded I have been from one extreme to the other. I have tried emphatically to search for an answer and have read and studied Catholicism, Mormon, Baptist, buddhism and other beliefs that are too many to list. A confirmed agnostic thru my 40s and then an Athiest to the present. I am 63 years old. I have never had anything explain certain questions that I have always had until I read the 1st 2 pages of your article. I could not stop reading until I was finished and will go farther with the suggested readings you have outlined. For the first time in my life I have been given something that actually makes sense of a very confusing issue in my mind. I hope to read more now that I have found a vehicle to grasp. Thanks.

—Burt, US

I don´t always send in a comment. But let me tell you that this is the only webpage that I know of, and the only source and the only reading I have ever read that has made me think so much of my God and my Lord Jesus. I have never thought so much about Jesus the way I do now. It made it so clear to me. Simply the explanation based on logic about the “WOULD YOU DIE FOR A LIE” is so clear and explained so logically that I think any unbeliever can´t refute it. And believers made stronger in their faith simply by realizing the power of this message and explanation. I mean, it is just great. I have struggled with my faith all my life and still at times I have problems with it. But it is at these times when I think of or re-read these sections that help me get by and recover from my weakness and keep my eyes on Jesus. I am so happy to have discovered your webpage. Keep me in your prayers, please!

—Joe, Spain

I always thought that I knew God and His Son and that later I would give it all up, giving me licenses to do what I want. But now I want God to come into my heart, and give me Strength to do His will and rule my life. I appreciate with all my heart the so extraordinary and humble approach explaining the critical events in the life of Jesus. God Bless your work.

—Ricardo, Peru

I am 74 years old and I had never felt such a great capacity in my being and a communion with the father and his son.Today I understood the true essence of life, and I never feel alone, because I gave my life to Jesus and he gave me life. AMEN.

—Francisco, Venezuela

I want to tell you that today I finally found the meaning of life since before I was a drunk I stopped taking but I did not find him meaning nothing of what I was doing. Today I finally see what God wants me to be in the future. Thank you for writing this as It was this message that made me see, how useless my life has been… grace a lot of grace.

—Juan, Dominican Republic

Thanks for this article. i have struggled for so long. I refused to believe how Jesus could be God. I read this article because I was hoping I will find an acceptable and logical explanation that the Jesus movement and the like isn’t real. But I was shocked,,,, I guess my true conversion happened today. Thanks Jesus. I feel so close to you now as if we are typing together. I believe you now and I swear by your Love and Grace, I won’t let you slip out of my heart….I am so sorry for doubting you….please forgive me. I love you and thank you for loving me…

—Alley, Philippines

Today i was feeling really lost – not knowing who i am, why i do whatever it is that i do. I am constantly depressed and unhappy with a heavy sense of unfulfilment and lack of direction. Today i decided to do internet searching about self discovery and that is how i ended up reading halfway through the Y-Jesus article and printing the whole series. i feel a sense of hope that i am in the right direction and i want to finish the article prayerfully with a desperate yearning to discover myself and God & Jesus in reality so that i can really live.

—Beata, Namibia

Having spent nearly my entire adulthood as a devout believer in God, but skeptical of the Divinity of Jesus, you need to know that the last couple hours have been some of the best hours of my life. Your articles on the Christ have removed all the skepticism that has plagued me all these years. You have my deepest gratitude for allowing the removal of the chains of intellectual indifference that have kept the Lord Jesus at a distance. Having spent countless hours in Prayer, Meditation and Introspection have availed me nothing but stumbling upon your online article and reading it with an open mind has opened my heart and soul to something I have craved for years. Having read Bertrand Russell, William James, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and countless other sources had been unable to accomplish what you opened my mind and soul to in just a few short pages. Thank You, Thank You Thank You!!!!

—Jon, US

My evening has been an evening to remember! seated at the front of my computer and having surfed whatever you would think of i still felt empty, lonely, desperate, worried, and scared of the unknown.  And out of the blue i land onto this webpage . Been reading for the last 4 hours non stop. Thank you. i have answered all the questions that have been ringing my mind for the last decade but found no clear understanding and answers. I have finally met what i have been searching for all my life. I totally believe now and am not ashamed of the Gospel anymore. I am happy to be in the truth and i could sing of his love forever as long as i have breath. Have downloaded almost everything and gonna forward the same to everybody who cares to read of the good news! Am so greatfull i opened this website.

—Abwin India

This article restored my faith in Jesus Christ. Since I was 20 I have become a skeptic and have been suffering from the lack of a strong faith. But after reading this article, I feel I should be able to come back to Jesus Christ and say, “Father, please receive me back with you.” Thank you for this logical and convincing article. Thanks!

—KAITO, Japan

I Want Jesus but i’m finding it hard to believe in him. So here i am trying to find out why this happened and your site is helping me to believe Jesus is real that God is real and Christianity is real. The truths your producing in the existence and resurrection of Jesus is astonishing and this encourages me to pursue the fight to believe and actually helps me believe.  I just want to thank you for this site. Please continue.

—Josh, Great Britain

This article has strengthened me. Two months ago my little 4-year-old Emilio went to the presence of the Lord. When he was first diagnosed with leukemia my faith was broken. For a few days I thought that everything written in the Bible was a lie but thank you very much with this topic you returned to me my clear conviction that Jesus is God, His Word says it, He said it and I believe it, God bless you.

—Maria, Peru

Your article changed me from a skeptic to a believer. I wish I could have read it when I was nine years old. No one at my church could answer my questions. Thank heaven for the Internet and your marvelous use of it!

—Julia, US

It took me 40 years in the desert to find green pastures. At age 56, after trying to persuade myself that it was a fairy tail, I fell into the deepest, darkest, most agonizing pit imaginable and miraculously pulled out by his loving arm. What I’ve read here is pure joy! May it touch many hearts. Thank you.

—Dan, Canada

After 38 years belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), I read and reread these articles for hours I have come to the conclusion that Christ lives, beyond any attempt to rationalize it, I feel it in your heart, and somehow I am released. I never prayed to Jesus directly, it was only my “Big Brother” and had no possibility of a personal approach because the Mormon doctrine prevented it. Now I think that Jesus Christ is much closer to me I realize that my relationship with the Father is through him and not a self-proclaimed prophet. He has done much to have helped me find this material (or perhaps it was no coincidence).

—Carlos, Uruguay

For me, this was an epiphany ! Reading the article I suddenly realized that I did not believe truly in the reality of Christ, never thought about how a Christian should live. But thanks to these articles I really realized that Christ WAS , walked, talked, ate, slept, and taught. God REALLY walked on this earth here and now . My eyes had seen but not seen and even tried to teach others. But thanks to your articles I realized that God – He is Risen! A thousand times I heard sermons, read the Bible and nodded my head but remained deaf.  Thank God for your ministry!

—Alexander, Russia

Hello. I cannot even pick up the right words for what a strong impression this article has made on me! I thank you! I was just browsing online for myself not realizing what I needed. And somehow I found myself reading about the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m just happy! Thank you for the prayer! And I am very grateful to you! Because this is exactly what I really needed. I hope that in the future I will read your articles and I think that they are very necessary to me as I am not very knowledgeable about the Bible and only beginning to seek God and Truth.

—Pasechnik, Russia

For the first time in my life, i read something today after taking long walk truly amazing in easy understanding word of God. I truly enjoyed it and it opened my eyes and heart. i was one of those doubters. i read the bible never truly believed in it. but God is good and opened my eyes and heart today. please pray for me, my faith, my family, education, job, good health and most importantly to know God as my personal savior. thank you.

—Mark, US

I got answers, I I thank those who made this initiative to make known to the world the wonders of Jesus, I accept in my life and I indicate the direction I want to take, I have sent this article to my friends, family and acquaintances, because I want the light of Jesus projected in his ways. The value of this reading is immeasurable thank you very much.

—Barquisimeto, Venezuela

I don’t think I have ever read, or heard words as moving and convincing of God’s love and commitment to save my soul and be with me in every situation of my life. I don’t believe I’ve ever been so touched by a reading of His Word, or his promises to me, as what I have read today. –I can call it fate or I can call it Faith. I choose to believe it is Faith. I bless and give thanks for this moment that I accidentally stumbled on this page. –I thank the blessed persons responsible for putting these messages out for me, and for all those, who like me, BELIEVE but lack faith.

—Adriana, Mexico

Right now I am feeling rather emotional and will definitely read this article again and again to reinforce what I now truly believe. What I am sure of is that I will never ever hesitate to declare Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour with confidence. This article has helped me to pursue a true relationship with Jesus Christ. That Jesus died to atone for my sins and to give me the chance of eternal life is still mind blowing. Now I know that That is Love!

—Marica, US

You have answered so many questions I’ve been plagued with all my long life of 85 years, Thank you dispelling my doubts. I am now ready to put my life into Jesus’ hands. Never before did I find the strength to deny the myths that I preferred to believe, which allowed me to sidestep believing.  Thank you so much.

—Ron, California

It was very surprising to have a clear summary of Jesus in a simple and profound presentation. The more I read, the more I wanted to read. I seized what I had been looking for without knowing where to find it. My life immediately changed course to cherish Jesus.

—Marie, France

I’m very amazed and astounded by the information. Finally, my question to myself had been answered. I can’t believe that such information exists. In my country, they told me that science was a blemish to the bible, no more no less. But I rejected it and had search for answers and found this. This really helped me. Thanks a lot.

—Shane, Philippines

I am a convinced atheist at heart. AND in spite of this, have read through this article. I’m forced to admit that I somewhat have reconsidered my position-opinion on the matter, and perhaps part of me still believes in Jesus and God. Thank you for the article.

—Vitaly, Ukraine

This article touched my soul and I discovered the greatness of God’s love that goes beyond the religion of good works.  I accept Jesus as my Lord my Savior and I will share this message with my brothers.

—Isabel, Ecuador

These articles have totally changed my way of seeing and believing in my Lord Jesus. There is nothing of waste in all their lines. In truth, I give thanks to Jesus God for having had the glory of reading this. God take care of and accompany them.

—Nestor, Venezuela

Thank you!  I have been curious about Jesus and the hope in a God to make sense of life. But I’ve been very skeptical to look for it in religion. I will open the door of my heart and I will allow you enter. now we will find the way.

—Ramon, Colombia

A huge thanks to everyone who I worked on this article. My life was empty and only acceptance of God returned to me the meaning of life, Now I know who I am, why I am here and where we are going and this article only confirms the validity of my selection. Peace to you!

—Kosovorotov, Moldova

This article helped me understand God’s plan in creating man, His great love for man, and the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for us sinners so that we might have life. I want to have this life, I want my family, my children, my friends and even my enemies to have this life. From this moment, Jesus takes possession of my heart, my mind and all my being, He reigns over my life and changes everything in me from evil into good. I love you, Jesus, and thank you for accepting me.

—Rachel, Ivory Coast

Since I was very young I have been fascinated with the figure of Jesus Christ. But that fascination has never been set in a true relationship of “friendship”. This article has opened new lights to me to understand that I should I redirect my relationship with this wonderful Being who so much wants and deserves all my love.   I will always be grateful to the people who made this website possible. My life can change starting today. And, I am sure that, for good. Thank you.

—Alberto, Spain

I found this article by pure chance. Years ago I read the DA VINCI CODE, and came to the CONCLUSION that Jesus’ deity was an invention. My spiritual world collapsed in an instant, However, thanks to your article, today my faith has returned and the blindfold on my eyes has been removed. These articles clarified to me that I had been DECEIVED and was headed towards eternal destruction. NOW, my life has taken an UNEXPECTED turn. With tears in my eyes I express my most profound gratitude. Articles like this should be shared around the world. Thank you.

—Alejandro, Mexico

I’ve prayed incessantly for God to open my eyes and show me if what the Bible says about Jesus is really true. Then, without warning, I find this study step by step answering all my questions. I have had many doubts.  Now I thank God for putting this study in front of me. I thank with all my heart and I ask God’s forgiveness for my doubts.

—Maria, Brazil

I don’t have the exact words to describe what I experience in this moment.  In a moment of my life full of uncertainty and temptation, this wonderful article came to my Facebook.  Two times I ignored it, but the third time I decided to begin reading. I declare that after reading the article and all its links for several hours, I open the door again to Jesus, who I recognize as my only Savior, that I trust my life, my family, my present, my future and all my existence to Him!

—Mario, Colombia

Today, for the first time ever, I am interested in the subject of “Jesus Christ”, for although I am baptized in the Catholic religion I never believed the story and I believed in a God without a face. These stories in your articles give me hope and give me a desire to live, I’ve searched for love of diverse forms, family, brothers, friends, couples, pets and there is always something missing in my life. I’m sick with thyroid cancer, I have felt his divine presence, but after reading on your website I feel the need to believe in Jesus as God.

—Selva, Venezuela

I’m not really a believer, especially because of what my country goes through, but something that caught my attention when I read the arguments and I met Jesus’ life while I read it, I felt something that I do not know how to explain, something that filled my spirit and filled me with peace. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to acquire this knowledge. I will investigate more to make a decision.

—Germania, Venezuela

I came to this LINK looking to know more about Jesus, I am 52 years of age – I have led a life of selfishness, vices and bad steps although I have always worked. A year ago I left the vices and started looking for God in the Church and in the Bible. This written documentary is Simply a Wonderful Investigation and I thank you that the tears of sincerity in my heart came from my eyes when reading certain paragraphs. I will continue to know more about Jesus our Savior. Thank you very much.

—Alberto, Mexico

I have always been a very scholarly person with religious feelings. I am currently 78 years old. Unfortunately my reasoning mind had not allowed me to understand why it is said that Jesus Christ paid our sins with his passion and death in the Cross … until now ….. when I finally understood and accepted as true because of this magnificent writing from you. The example of how a loving father can sacrifice his life in return of the life of a son condemned to death for his crimes or sins, proved to be very effective and sobering for me. Thank you. I now see Jesus with greater appreciation and appreciate his magnificence. My soul is very happy because now I feel that God (Jesus Christ) abides in me as the Eternal Father.

—Laus, Venezuela

I chose and lived a hard life. I have always believed in God, but I believed in Jesus as one believes in one’s brother. I always and only prayed to God. Never Jesus! I heard all the time: Ask Jesus … but I never prayed to Him. Today, my life is drawing to a close even though I am only 63 years old … and this end will come surely. But after reading the ten pages of your text on Jesus, I realized that I had never understood anything about the advice to pray to Jesus. I have, this evening, the conviction that Jesus was certainly God in human form. Tonight, when I go to my room, I will ask for forgiveness, and I will pray. Thank you for leading me to understand that He was GOD INCARNATE. Too bad I wasted so much time, and I may not be able to last more than a few weeks, a few months. I am poor, and I understand now that I have received much more than the crumbs that Lazarus received. Thank you, Jesus, for everything You gave me.

—Guy, Canada