34400 Dating & Courtship

Discover God’s Best for You

Are you looking for that special someone? Does God have a perfect match already planned? If so, how can you find God’s ideal mate for you? God can help you discover your best mate by following his path and waiting for his ideal time. (read more)

Marriage or Celibacy?

Does God have a custom-designed mate for you? Does God have someone special for you? Do you ever wonder if God wants you to get married? Maybe He wants you to remain single. Is it possible to know for sure what Godʼs will is for you? (read more)

Relationship Idolatry

Are you more devoted to God than to your desire for a soul mate?

What does the word “idol” mean to you? A certain reality show featuring aspiring singers? Aspirations to achieve the status of a favorite athlete, actress or writer? Exotic trinkets that supposedly bring either good or “taboo” to their bearers, depending on the whims of the “god” or “gods” they represent? (read more)

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