98113 JO App Design and Structure


JO App is designed as a practical tool to help those who want to grow in their relationships with God through Jesus Christ.

Most of its content is articles rather than videos. That is because we realize that not everyone has easy and reliable access to the Internet for streaming.

Once the app is downloaded, all the essential resources are on your device and accessible without the Internet.

We created JO App using PWA so that you can access the content without downloading the app. How? by going to app.jesusonline.com, using your favorite web browser. JO App web version functions just like the regular version, but you don’t have to go to Google Play or App Store and you have nothing to download on your device.


Knowing the basic structure of the content will help you make better use of the JO App. In the main menu, you find the major categories.

Time with God

Become more in love with God!

“Time with God” helps you cultivate habits of abiding in Christ daily, moment by moment.

Personal Growth

Become more like Jesus!

“Personal Growth” helps you grow in your relationship with God with more systematic and practical teaching. Discover 10 building blocks for maturity, ways to overcome attitude and behavior problems, and how to cultivate godly relationships.

Share Jesus

Become more of an ambassador for Jesus!

“Share Jesus” helps you become better equipped for evangelism with articles, videos, and tools to introduce others to a life of joy and purpose in Christ.

Facts for Faith

Become more confident!

“Facts for Faith” helps you build your faith with evidence about Jesus’ true identity, his resurrection, the existence of God, and the reliability of the Bible.


Become more knowledgeable!

These books are available for purchase from bookstores, but they are FREE in this JO App! These books (in PDF format) offer helpful insights and instructions to help you live the abundant life Jesus promised.

Building a Community


Our JO App ministry team is here to help you grow in your relationship with God through Jesus Christ. This works like text messaging between you and our ministry team. Send us your comments, questions, or suggestions.

Prayer Requests

“The prayer of a righteous person has great effectiveness.” (James 5:16)

Share your prayer requests with the JO App community (public) or with our JO App intercession team (private). For more, read “Pray for One Another in the JO App community.”