22210.014 Education

Fearing the LORD is the beginning of discernment, but fools have despised wisdom and moral instruction.
(Proverbs 1:7)

The book of Proverbs places great emphasis on the subject of education, especially early education in the home with the parents. Solomon follows the Hebrew tradition in making religious training the responsibility of both parents, incorporating moral teaching into daily life. It is in the context of living day-by-day that children are to be taught moral principles and reverence for God. There is to be no separation between “secular” and “religious” education.

Parents are to educate a child “in the way that he should go.” (Proverbs 22:6). In the original language, the metaphor is one of feeding, suitable to one’s age. Likewise, the proper educational diet is age-appropriate. Upon maturity, one will not depart from this rigorous training and ultimately one is able to provide for his or her own educational needs such that education is a lifelong pursuit.

How much of your education came from your parents versus the school system? Relative to your own education how will you educate your children? Are you continuing to educate yourself? What are your life-long educational goals?

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