22010.350 Week 50: Review and Reflect

This week’s devotionals were focused on the death and resurrection of Jesus!

What thoughts and ideas did you have as you reflected on Jesus’ sacrifice for you?

What emotions did you have as you read about his resurrection and power over death!

If necessary, go back and read anything you received this past week that you want to reconsider … or that you missed!

Quick Links

Jesus Prays for Us

Jesus Is Not in the Grave!

The Great Cover Up

Singular Focus

Do Not Be Afraid!

The Presence of Jesus


The lesson this week focused on how Jesus prays for us. What difference does knowing this make in your life?

Which of the devotionals this week was most meaningful to you?

Which one of the devotionals this week encouraged you most?

In “Jesus Is Not in the Grave!” Beth Yoe included this quote by John Piper: “As humans, we have heads, and therefore must be given facts and evidences and arguments in order to make reasonable commitments. And we have hearts with longings and yearnings and hopes and fears and desires. Therefore, if someone urges me to commit myself to a certain goal, he must persuade my head that the goal is really there as he says it is; and he must move my heart to feel the value of attaining it.”

Is your faith most influenced by your head or by your heart? What impact does that have?

In what ways do you need to strengthen your head response to Jesus?

In what ways do you need to strengthen you heart response to Jesus?

How does the right balance of a head response and a heart response to Jesus affect your love for Him and for others?

In “Do Not Be Afraid,” Beth wrote: “The busyness of life, the cares of this world, the demands of a job, a home, a family, all keep us from a closer intimacy with the God of all creation.”

What most often interferes with your intimacy with God?

What steps can you take to balance out your responsibilities with your desire to be closer to your heavenly Father?

When do you typically experience the presence of Jesus?

Write It on Your Heart

Take a few minutes to memorize this verse:

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” —Jeremiah 29:13