22010.196 Week 28: Review and Reflect

Time for some reflection. As you are reading the devotionals focused on the death and resurrection of Jesus, what emotions are you experiencing? What thoughts and feelings do you have about the reality of Jesus’ death?

If necessary, go back and read anything you received this past week that you want to reconsider … or that you missed!

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Study God’s Word

So That You Will Believe

Standing Firm



Resting in Jesus


The lesson this week was on studying God’s Word. The entire lesson is summed up with the last question included in the 4-Step process: What am I going to do with this new insight and understanding?

In what ways are you currently applying the insight and understanding you receive from God’s Word to your life?

If you are not currently making an application of God’s Word to your life, what space do you need to make in your life in order for this to happen?

This week all of our devotionals focused on the Passover meal that Jesus shared with His disciples before His betrayal and crucifixion. This is often referred to as the “last supper.”

Which of the devotionals was most meaningful to you?

Which of the devotionals did you find troubling or sad?

Did any of the devotionals encourage you?

In “Standing Firm,” Beth Yoe wrote: “Standing firm and fully assured even when the winds of trial and dire circumstances are blowing is a mark of a mature Christian. It is also a mark of one who brings God much glory. It is easy to be ‘on fire’ when circumstances are favorable, but let a little rainfall on our parade and we are often found wallowing in self-pity, groaning, and complaining. How much better for us to season our lives with the spices of contentment and joy rather than to harbor bitterness and resentment which will corrode our vessels like acid.”

Identify all of the adjectives Beth used in this paragraph.

Which ones most describe you?

Which ones do you want to experience?

Ask the Holy Spirit to transform your life into one of contentment and joy.

Yesterday Beth Yoe wrote in “Resting in Jesus”: “It is God’s desire for us to be abiding, not striving or struggling. We are always to be looking to Jesus and His power. He is our strength for service as well as our source of abundant unchanging joy.”

In what ways are you abiding in Jesus?

When in your life do you tend to strive and struggle in your own strength?

How can you remember to let Jesus be your source of power?

Go a Step Beyond

If some inspiration to be more diligent in your Bible study is what you need, take a few minutes to watch this video: How to Study the Bible: Application

Write It on Your Heart

Take a few minutes to memorize this verse:

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” —Hebrews 13:8