22002.08 God Has Blessed You Today

God is at work in our lives every day. But sadly, all too often, we are so preoccupied with worry and fear about tomorrow that we don’t notice what God is doing right now. He is blessing you today with good things. Shift your focus from the future to the present and acknowledge the gifts God is already giving you.

The apostle Paul admonishes,

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:18, NLT)

God wants to cultivate a gratitude-filled heart within each of us. Thankfulness in our hearts is our acknowledgment of the wonderful nature and character of God: God is sovereign, God is good, and God is a provider. God is loving. God is our heavenly father.

So how can we cooperate with the Holy Spirit to develop a consistent attitude of gratitude?

Choose to look at life from a gratitude perspective. 

Thankfulness is a choice. It is intentional. You can’t experience gratitude if you are focusing on negative circumstances. Regardless of your difficulties, God is still a loving, good God.

Give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 5:20)

“The joy of the Holy Spirit is experienced by giving thanks in all situations.”   —Bill Bright

There is always someone who you believe is better off than you. And there is always someone you know who has it worse. The joy of the Holy Spirit is experienced by giving thanks in all situations. The secret to living a life of gratitude is not to covet someone who has more but to be content with what God has chosen to give you.

Look for signs of God’s love and goodness for you.

Ask the Holy Spirit to open your spiritual eyes so you can see what God is doing in your life right now. Watch for his fingerprints on your daily activities as he orchestrates events and guides your footsteps.

May you be filled with joy, always thanking theFather. (Colossians 1:12)

Make it a habit to thank God for all that you notice as being unique in your day. Be alert and anticipate God’s involvement in your daily life. As you focus on his presence, the Holy Spirit will open your eyes to show you what God is doing in your life.

Meditate on God’s mercy, lovingkindness, and goodness.

There are times when we feel we deserve better. In reality, looking through God’s divine standards of holiness and righteousness, we deserve far less. It is only because of God’s grace and Christ’s sacrifice for us that we can enjoy blessings that will last for eternity.

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. (Psalm 107:1)

Be content with where you are and with what you have. When your life is characterized by a heart that overflows with gratitude to God for his goodness, you are the kind of person other people enjoy. Ask God to give you a heart of gratitude so others will enjoy being in your presence. Develop a habit of thankfulness and contentment.