47801 How to Use This JO App to Disciple Others

God has saved us from His wrath and the power of sin so that we are free to live for God in the new life in Christ in the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit. That means that we are no longer slaves to sin and the devil but saints and citizens of the Kingdom of God. Our new life in Christ belongs to God and not to us. His will is our command. His mission is our life purpose.

Helping others grow in their relationships with God is one thing that God expects from each of His children.

You can use this JO App to disciple others.

First, invite others to download this free JO App on their devices or to use its WebApp version (https://app.jesusonline.com).

Then meet with them on a regular basis (weekly is recommended) to go over articles found on the JO App.

Begin with “The Adventure of Living with Jesus” found in the “Books” section (see the main menu). It is important to lay a solid foundation for your faith. This e-book study covers the foundational truths of your Christian life with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Take time to read each page and the Scripture references, and answer all the questions. You can write them in the e-book. If you create a JO App account*, you will be able to save all the answers and notes you take.

You ask the participants to read one lesson and complete the answers before you meet with them. You also read the same lesson and answer all the questions.

When you meet with them, you discuss the answers and the Bible verses referenced in the lesson. What did you learn from each question? What did you learn from the Bible verses?

The most important discussion is how to apply into your everyday life what you learned from the lesson.

Agree with each other to keep each other accountable.

After “The Adventure of Living with Jesus”, we recommend that you study “Total Life Discipleship Series” found in “Personal Growth” section (see the main menu).

If you have just completed “The Adventure of Living with Jesus”, skip “Totale Life Discipleship Foundation” and start with “Total Life Discipleship Level 1”. You can keep studying up to Level 5.

*To create a free account with JO App, go to “Settings” and enter “Your Account” information (email and a password of your choice), and select “CREATE ACCOUNT”. Then complete “Your Profile”.